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El Salvador: Attack against human rights worker Mirna Perla de Anaya and family

, N° d'index: AMR 29/001/1993

Mirna Perla de Anaya, vice-president of the human rights organization CODEHUCA, was driving with her children and a US nun, when unidentified men fired on their car, injuring her son. The men were armed and some appeared to be in military uniform. They had indicated to Mirna Anaya to stop: at first she believed them to be police and slowed down but when she saw that their faces were covered she accelerated past them. She reported the incident to police headquarters in Suchitoto but they allegedly said that they could not investigate as it had occurred outside the town. The place where the incident occurred is within the jurisdiction of Suchitoto police. She has also reported it to the local justice of the peace. No steps to investigate appear to have been taken.

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