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Ecuador: Death threats/fear for safety

, N° d'index: AMR 28/013/1999

Alexis Ponce, Edgar Ponce Iturriaga, Dr. Rodrigo Borja Cevallos, Bishop Alberto Luna Tobar, Cecilia Calderón de Castro [f] René Maugé, Dr. Hernán Rivadeneira, Nela Martínez [f], Belén Andrade [f], Emma Ortega (f). The above ten men and women, all public figures in Ecuador, are reported to be on a death list, and Amnesty International fears for their safety. An eleventh person on the list, opposition parliamentarian Jaime Hurtado Gonzalez from the Movimiento Popular Democrático, was shot dead on 17 February 1999, together with two others (see UA 28/99, AI Index: AMR 28/04/99, 19 February 1999).

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