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UA 422/93 - Ecuador: fear of "disappearance": Clever Leonel Mendoza, Pedro Pablo Izurieta, Samuel Zacarias Figueroa Pico, Ulbio Zacarias Figueroa Villamar, Saul Fermin Figueroa Villamar, Pedro Antonio Figueroa Villamar, Jose Gregorio Figueroa Villamar, Jo

, N° d'index: AMR 28/012/1993

The nine men named above and three others, unnamed, were reportedly detained by the military in three different operations on 18, 20 and 27 November 1993 in or near Manta, province of Manabi. The detentions, all of which were witnessed, were carried out by hooded men, heavily armed, and dressed in military clothing, apparently as part of a campaign initiated by the government to control organized crime. On 20 November the three unidentified men were released. They claim to have been questioned on the whereabouts of "La Rana", "The Frog", a well-known alleged criminal. Relatives of the above nine men have failed to obtain information on their whereabouts from the authorities.

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