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Ecuador: Fear for safety / fear of torture: Ramon Alirio Perez Vargas, Martha Cecilia Sanchez (f), Chesman Canon Trujillo, Cesar Guillermo Diaz Garcia

, N° d'index: AMR 28/011/1995

AI fears for the safety of the above who all reside in Quito. All four are alleged to have been involved with political opposition in Colombia and have been formally recognized as poltical refugees by UNHCR and the Ecuadorian authorities. They were detained in connection with a possible attack on Colombian President Ernesto Samper during his visit to Quito in early September 1995. They were released without charge at the end of September. Ramon Perez Vargas, Martha Cecilia Sanchez and Chesman Canon Trujillo all testified to having been tortured. According to press reports, Cesar Guillermo Diaz was also tortured. AI believes they are at risk of re-arrest and possible further torture.

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