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Ecuador: Possible "disappearance" of army recruit

, N° d'index: AMR 28/009/1993

There is concern at the possible "disappearance" of 19-year-old army recruit Nixon Alcides Pacheco Guijarro, shortly after his enrolment on 16 January 1993. All attempts to locate him have resulted in the authorities failing to give precise information as to his whereabouts. On 7 September a picket took place in front of the Ministry of National Defence protesting at his "disappearance". The following day his mother, Cecilia Guijarro, was reportedly approached by two men who claimed to be members of the Ministry of National Defence. When she refused to accept money to stop inquiring about her son's whereabouts, she was told she could face the same fate as her son. She has since been followed, and reportedly told to look for her son in the morgue.

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