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Cuba: Further information on prisoners of conscience / possible POCs / legal concern

, N° d'index: AMR 25/038/1997

Ricardo Gonzalez Alfonso, Daula Carpio Mata (f), Jenny Julio Godoy Carpio (f), Maria Felicia Mata Machado (f), Roxanna Carpio Mata (f), Ileana Penalver Duque (f), Vicente Garcia Ramos, Guillermo Farina Cabeza, Lilian Meneses Martinez (f), Ivan Lema Romero, Jose Antonio Alvarado Almeida, Jose Miguel Llera Benitez, Danilo Santos Mendez and Arelis Fleites Mendez: Journalist Ricardo Gonzalez Alfonso was released without charge on 18 October. Six members of the Party for Human Rights in Cuba, Maria Felicia Mata Machado, Jose Antonio Alvarado Almeida, Lilian Meneses Martinez, Lleana Penalver Duque, Arelis Fleites Mendez and Guillermo Farinas Cabenas, were also released on 18 October 1997. On 20 October, 15-year-old Jenny Julia Godoy Carpio was released after agreeing to come off hunger-strike. The six released on 18 October are reportedly facing trial on various charges, including attacking state scurity, enemy propaganda, criminal association and attacking international peace. Five others remain in detention - Roxanna Alina Carpio Mata, Danilo Santo Mendez, Jose Miguel Llera benitez, Vicente Garcia Ramos and Ivan Lema Romero - and are believed to be under investigation on similar charges.

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