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Cuba: Further information on arbitrary arrest / legal concern / prisoner of conscience / possible POCs

, N° d'index: AMR 25/012/1997

Ana Maria Agramonte Crespo (f), Alberto Perera Martinez, Jesus Perez Gomez, of the Committee of Peace, Progress and Liberty; Lorenzo Pescoso Leon, of the Party for Human Rights in Cuba; Aguileo Cancio Chong, of the Nationalist Action Party, all members of Concilio Cubano: Amnesty International has learned that Jesus Perez Gomez, Lorenzo Pescoso Leon and Aguileo Cancio Chong were released without charge on or about 13 June 1997. Alberto Perera Martinez remains in detention at State Security headquarters in Havana, though the nature of the charge against him is still unknown. He is not believed to have had access to a lawyer, and there is concern that he may be a prisoner of conscience. Ana Maria Agramonte Crespo remains imprisoned as a prisoner of conscience at the Havana Women's Prison.

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