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Further information on UA 21/93 (AMR 25/03/93, 29 January; and follow-up AMR 25/04/93, 26 February) - Cuba: legal concern / health concern / hunger strike: Amador Blanco Hernandez, and new name: Joel Mesa Morales

, N° d'index: AMR 25/009/1993

Amador Blanco Hernandez, the President of the unofficial "Jose Marti" National Human Rights Commission, and Jose Mesa Morales, its Vice- President, are to be brought to trial on 3 September at the Villa Clara People's Provincial Tribunal in Santa Clara, accused of enemy propaganda. According to the Provisional Conclusions of the prosecution, a sentence of eight years' imprisonment will be requested for both men. They are currently being held in Santa Clara Provincial Prison. They are both considered to be prisoners of conscience.

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