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Cuba: Further information on prisoners of conscience / possible POCs / legal concern / hunger strike:

, N° d'index: AMR 25/008/1998

Daula Carpio Mata (f), Roxanna Carpio Mata (f), Ileana Penalver Duque (f), Vicente Garcia Ramos, Lilian Meneses Martinez (f), Ivan Lema Romero, Jose Antonio Alvarado Almeida, Jose Manuel Llera Benitez and Danilo Santos Mendez: AI continues to urge for the convictions of the above nine PPDHC members to be quashed, and for those still in detention to be immediately and unconditionally released, on the grounds that they were convicted solely on account of their peaceful political activities. Following discussions with the authorities, the six said they had agreed to stop their hunger strike and leave Cuba if they were released, and if no further action was taken against others who had fasted with them or supported their action.However, since 24 February, three of the six have been returned to prison and another has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital.Two others have been sent home and told to report to a work centre to carry out their sentences of "correctional work". All six are said to have commenced a full hunger strike in protest at the new action against them.

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