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Further information on UA 186/94 (AMR 25/05/94, 11 May) - Cuba: prisoner of conscience / legal concern: Francisco Chaviano Gonzalez, Jorge O Lorenzo Pimienta, Mario Rodriguez Castellon, Abilio Ramos Moya, Terina Fernandez Gonzalez

, N° d'index: AMR 25/008/1994

According to reports Francisco Chaviano Gonzalez, President of the unofficial National Council for Civil Rights in Cuba (CNDCC) is still held under investigation at the State Security headquarters known as Villa Marista. He was arrested by State Security police in Havana on 7 May 1994. Although he has been receiving weekly visits from his wife, he has not been permitted access to a lawyer. It is believed he is a prisoner of conscience detained because of his human rights work.

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