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Cuba: Further information on fear of death penalty / fear of ill-treatment: Ramon Fidel Basulto Garcia

, N° d'index: AMR 25/003/1995

The prosecution in the case against Ramon Fidel Basulto Garcia has changed its death penalty request to thirty years' imprisonment.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AMR 25/03/95
Distr: UA/SC
27 April 1995
Further information on UA 418/94 (AMR 25/13/94, 29 November 1994) and follow-up
(AMR 25/02/95, 20 April 1995) - Fear of Death Penalty / Fear of ill-treatment
CUBA Ramón Fidel BASULTO GARCíA, aged 26
Amnesty International has learned that at the last moment the prosecution
changed its death penalty request in the case against Ramón Fidel Basulto García
to thirty years' imprisonment. The trial against him, five other men and two
women, for piracy and murder, took place at the People's Provincial Court for
the City of Havana on Friday 21 April 1995. The final sentences have yet to
be announced.
No further action is required by the Urgent Action Network. Thank you to all
those who sent appeals on behalf of Ramón Fidel Basulto García.

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