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UA 424/93 - Colombia: harassment / death threats: Juan Felipe Velasquez, Carmina Zapata, German Dario Tabares, Amy Janeth Calle, Hernan Alvarez, Mary Victoria Colorado, Alejandro Porras, Suleima Aristizabal, Guillermo Gomez Carmona

, N° d'index: AMR 23/076/1993

The nine students named above from the University of Antioquia, have been repeatedly subjected to harassment and death threats. They are among those organizing peaceful protests at changes in the education system. On 25 October details about the first eight named above were acquired by a woman working for the security forces. Since then they have received repeated telephone death threats. On 6 October Guillermo Gomez Carmona's house was searched and ransacked by 8 heavily armed men, who identified themselves as members of the police intelligence unit F-2. Since then he also has been receiving telephoned death threats. Other students have reported being followed home by unidentified individuals.

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