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Further information on UA 299/94 (AMR 23/63/94, 12 August) - Colombia: fear for safety / extrajudicial execution: Jairo de Leon Agudelo, Guillermo Marin, Luis Efren Correa and new names: Hugo Zapata, Carlos Posada, Belisario Restrepo

, N° d'index: AMR 23/075/1994

On the morning of 26 September 1994, police intelligence agents inverviewed Belisario Restrepo, president of the FUTRAN trade union, about the killing on 18 July of FUTRAN leader Guillermo Marin. Hours later armed men, claiming to be from the Attorney General's office, forced their way into the union offices demanding to see Restrepo. Failing to find him, they opened fire at point-blank range on Hugo Zapata, FUTRAN's Dispute Secretary and the Human Rights Secretary Carlos Posada. Hugo Zapata was killed and Carlos Posada seriously injured. This latest incident has been denounced by the Interior Minister. AI is calling for immediate and thorough investigations into these killings.

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