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Further information on UA 356/93 (AMR 23/61/93, 7 October) - Colombia: "disappearance" and new concern: death threats: Jose Drigelio Diaz Fierro ("Polo") and new name: Rosa Maria Espitia and her daughters

, N° d'index: AMR 23/073/1993

Rosa Maria Espitia, common-law wife of Jose Drigelio Diaz, who disappeared in September 1993, has reportedly been followed and threatened since she denounced the "disappearance" of her boyfriend to the authorities. She has also received threats to her daughters. Like Jose Drigelio Diaz Fierro, Rosa Maria Espitia was demobilized from the guerrilla organization Movimiento 19 de Abril following the peace agreements of 1990. Jose Drigelio Diaz Fierro remains "disappeared".

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