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UA 408/93 - Colombia: harassment / preventative action: 70 members of the Association for the Families of the Detained and Disappeared in Colombia (ASFADDES)

, N° d'index: AMR 23/072/1993

There is serious concern at reports of persistent undercover surveillance, harassment and intimidation by members of the army's intelligence unit (B-2) at the annual convention in Bogota of ASFADDES. Since 12 November over 70 families gathered there have reported incidents of being photographed, followed and jostled by a number of unknown men, some of whom were armed. The identity of these men was confirmed by two bodyguards from the civilian security agency, Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad (DAS), assigned to protect Nodelia Parra, an ASFADDES member, who has herself been receiving death threats. They challenged one armed man who identified himself as a member of the B-2 intelligence unit.

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