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Colombia: Further information on fear for safety / possible extrajudicial executions / "disappearance": Peasant farmer families living on, and forcibly displaced from, the Bellacruz Ranch, department of Cesar

, N° d'index: AMR 23/069/1996

Belen Torres, Adelmo Segundo Rodriguez, Cesar Quintero, Brigadier Ropero, Isai Canizares, Ciro Botello; and new names: Ariel Toscano; Killed: Jesus Toscano, Diosenel Toscano, Dinael Toscano, Jose del Carmen Toscano: According to reports, members of a paramilitary group killed Diosenel, Dinael and Jose del Carmen Toscano on 5 December in Valledupar, department of Cesar. All three brothers were peasant farmers. Their other brother, Jesus Toscano, had been killed on 30 November in Pelaya. The paramilitaries are reportedly looking for Ariel Toscano who is now in hiding.

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