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UA 367/93 - Colombia: extrajudicial executions: Miguel Ladino, Miguel Antonio Ladino, Julio Cesar Ladino, Maria Seneida Ladino, Carmen Emilia Ladino, Lucelly Colorado de Ladino, Dora Estela Gaviria Ladino, Mario Molina, Rita Edilia Suaza de Molina, Ricard

, N° d'index: AMR 23/063/1993

According to information received, on 6 October 1993 troops from the Palace Battalion attacked the rural community of Alto de la Loma. An elderly member of the Ladino family who survived has told investigators that hooded soldiers after bursting into her home, beat several members of her family and raped the young women. They were then made to put on military style uniforms before being shot. Four members of the Molina family, Luz Edelsi Tusarma and Hugo Cedeno Lozano, a civilian who reportedly arrived with the troops were also shot. The commander of the Palace Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Luis Felipe Becerra Bohorquez has been accused of serious human rights violations in the past.

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