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Colombia: Killings in Cauca department: an update

, N° d'index: AMR 23/063/1992

This paper gives information on the investigation into the killing of 17 people on 7 April 1991: armed men believed to be members of a counter- insurgency patrol stopped a bus in Los Uvos, and reportedly shot all the occupants. In January 1992, a conscript made a sworn statement that he had witnessed the killings, which had been ordered by a Lieutenant who claimed the (unarmed) victims were guerrillas. The Lieutenant claimed that the soldier had been bribed by members of a human rights group; he brought a libel action against the group which was later reportedly closed. Recent information suggests that the military were implicated in the killings. The case is now with the military justice system. So far no arrests of military personnel appear to have been ordered.

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