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UA 344/93 - Colombia: possible extrajudicial executions / fear of further killings: 12 children killed: Harizon Ortiz, Wilson, "Wipy", Julio, "Indio", Jorge, Javier, "Tumaquito", Jaime, Carlos, "Caliche", and Villota; at risk: more than 200 children on th

, N° d'index: AMR 23/056/1993

12 children have recently been killed in the city of Cali, Valle del Cauca department. Senior officials in the Cali city council have denounced the killings and attributed them to elements in the police force. They believe the killings are an attempt to undermine a council project - the "Plan Pandillas" (Street-gang Project) - which seeks to rehabilitate members of juvenile street gangs. The project's future is now in doubt and there are serious fears for the safety of the 200 other juveniles taking part and the local government employees running it.

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