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UA 326/92 - Colombia: fear of "disappearance": Eder Yofre Mendoza Villamizar

, N° d'index: AMR 23/055/1992

Eder Yofre Mendoza Villamizar, a 32-year-old craft artist and member of the Alianza Democratica M-19, was last seen on 9 October 1992 in Bucaramanga, Santander department, Magdalena Medio region. He had left his home at 8am to meet someone but never made the appointment. Early the next morning, six members of the armed forces searched his family's home and asked questions about Eder Mendoza. The search warrant had been issued by the regional judge and was based on information from the army's V Brigade, alleging that Eder Mendoza was a member of a guerrilla organization and an explosives instructor.

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