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Colombia: Death threats / fear for safety

, N° d'index: AMR 23/051/1996

Gerardo Cajamarca, Bladimir Castaneda, Bladimir Alvarez, Mario Gutierrez, Henry Perez, Fabio Pizza, Jose Ignacio Bermudez, Pedro Pablo Suarez, Walter Murillo, Edgar Manuel Sarmiento, Fernando Chaves, Nohora Hernandez (f), Alexis Torres, Julio Perez, Hector Jose Gomez, Jose Alvarez, Robert Cano, Leonardo Cruz, Maria Elcy Morales (f), Manuel Casallas, Sandra Pinzon Moscoso (f) and Jeovani Montejo. The 22 civic leaders named above have been subjected to death threats and intimidation since they led a civic strike on 16 September 1996. They are reported to have been labelled as subversives by members of the security forces. There are serious fears for the safety of the 22.

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