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Colombia: Further information on: fear for safety / possible extrajudicial executions: Peasant farmer families living on the Bellacruz ranch, department of Cesar

, N° d'index: AMR 23/043/1996

Jaime Laguna Collazo, peasant farmer leader and teacher, Edinson Donado, peasant farmer; new names: Belen Torres, president of national peasant farmer association, Luis Jose Lemus Sanchez, Segundo Vasquez, Otoniel Canizares Jacome: Peasant farmer families forced from their lands on the Bellacruz ranch earlier this year continue to face paramilitary activity in the areas neighbouring the ranch. On 4 July paramilitaries allegedly killed three civil servants, Luis Jose Lemus Sanchez, Segundo Vasquez and Otoniel Canizares Jacome. There is also serious concern for the safety of members of non-governmental peasant farmer and human rights organizations who have been supporting the peasant farmers in their claims. Armed forces commanders have accused these organizations of being guerrilla sympathizers and death threats have been made against the leader of a national peasant farmer association, Belen Torres.

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