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Colombia: Further information on fear for safety/disappearance

, N° d'index: AMR 23/033/1999

"Disappeared" Crecencio Mendoza, Edgardo Gómez, Joselito Gallego, Raúl Posada. New names: Benedicto Moreno, Eleuterio Lemosa, Manuel Rivera. Killed - José Angel Cardenas, Jorge Enrique Murillo, Luis Felipe Lamberti, Jorge Ramos and his three-year-old son (not daughter as previously stated) New names: Victor Jirón, Belarmino Salas, Macario Cordoba.Wounded: Oidel Mena. Fate unknown - Jesús Arias, Floriberto Hurtado, Jorge Correa. Amnesty International remains concerned for the safety of the seven people listed above as "disappeared", who are reportedly still being held by paramilitary forces in Chocó department, in the region of Urabá.

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