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Further information on UA 121/94 (AMR 23/30/94, 25 March) - Colombia: fear of "disappearance" and new concerns: extrajudicial executions / torture: Julio Edgar Galves Quimbay, Enan Rafael Lora Mendoza, Raul Gutierrez Guarin

, N° d'index: AMR 23/032/1994

Julio Edgar Galves Quimbay, a lawyer, "disappeared" on 18 March 1994. Initially it was reported that Luis Eduardo Diaz had also "disappeared" that day; it has since been learnt that Enan Rafael Lora Mendoza, and not Luis Eduardo Diaz, had "disappeared" together with another man, Raul Gutierrez Guarin. The three men are believed to have been arrested by the Civilian Security Department (DAS). On 25 March the bodies of Raul Gutierrez Guarin and Enan Rafael Lora Mendoza were found in the village of Los Manzanos in the municipality of Facatativa, Cundinamarca department. The bodies showed signs of torture. A further body has also been found, and is believed to be that of Julio Edgar Galves Quimbay, although it is yet to be officially identified. There are fears that a further two unnamed people may also have "disappeared" after detention by the DAS.

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