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UA 121/93 - Colombia: torture / fear for safety: at least five people, including Heberto Sanchez Tamayo, Diego Miguel Hernandez, Astrid Liliana Rodriguez

, N° d'index: AMR 23/023/1993

AI has received information about the reported torture of at least 5 people from San Vicente del Caguan, Caqueta department, by members of the army on 20 March 1993. They were among 18 people travelling by river canoe which was intercepted by soldiers. The five people reportedly tortured while being questioned about guerrilla activity in the area included those named above and an old man and a boy, whose names are not known to AI. Astrid Liliana Rodriguez was reportedly subjected to further torture and sexual abuse when the three were taken to the no. 36 Battalion in San Vicente del Caguan and was allegedly forced to repeat texts implicating herself in guerrilla activity. Medical certificates consistent with their testimonies have been issued. The three were later released.

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