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Further information on UA 348/92 (AMR 23/62/92, 10 November) - Colombia: possible extrajudicial execution: Pedro Jaramillo Rueda, Humberto Jaramillo Rueda, Mario Lozado Ortiz, Pedro Guevara, Fredy Prada Vargas, Jose Eugenio Morales Gutierrez and new name:

, N° d'index: AMR 23/016/1993

AI has received further information about the killing of the men named above. Their bodies were found on 22 October 1992, showing signs of torture. In a letter to AI, the head of the human rights unit of the Department of State Security states that a Penal Investigation has been opened into the killings and that the preliminary stage of the investigation has revealed that the men were detained by six armed men, members of F-2, the intelligence branch of the police force.

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