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Colombia: Fear for safety

, N° d'index: AMR 23/013/1998

Alicia Suarez Galvis (f), Regulo Efraín Suarez Galvis, Luz Marina Suarez Galvis, Nelson David Escobar Suarez; Miryan del Carmen Suarez Galvis (f), Carolina Corredor Galvis (f), Lina Marcela Yakelin Suarez Galvis (f), Tania Esperanza Suarez Coronado(f), Alcides Galvis Rodriguez, Paulina Venegas Marin (f) (Alfonso Suárez's wife), Magali Suarez Venegas (f), Carol Andrea Suarez Venegas (f), Camilo Alfonso Suarez Venegas, Davis Alexander Suarez Venegas and other relatives of Alfonso Suarez Galvis living in Santafé de Bogotá: There is concern for the above named members of the Suárez, Corredor and Galvis families, from Bogotá, who have been threatened with death unless they leave Colombia. The death threats received by the members of the families are linked to the "disappearance" of Alfonso Suárez Galvis who has not been seen since he left his house in the Vegas de Santana housing estate in the district of Bogotá on 15 August 1997. Alfonso Suárez was suspected of being a guerrilla.

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