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Colombia: Further information on possible "disappearance" / fear for safety: Ernesto Emilio Fernandez Fester, human rights activist and trade union leader and new names: Luz Marina Tovar Cubillos, his wife, hospital worker; Ernesto Javier Fernandez Tovar,

, N° d'index: AMR 23/012/1995

Since the killing of Ernesto Emilio Fernandez Fester, on 20 February 1995, heavily armed men have reportedly terrorized Luz Marina Tovar Cubillos, his wife (also a member of the Pailitas Movement for Civic-community Integration) and his eldest son, Ernesto Javier Fernandez Tovar, a teacher. These men are terrorizing not only the family, who are afraid to leave their house, but the whole neighbourhood of the 27 de marzo district of Pailitas. There is concern that this intimidation should occur openly in a municipality heavily militarized as a result of the guerrilla activity in the surrounding area.

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