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UA 37/93 - Colombia: fear for safety: Alvaro Cordoba, Gustavo Hernando Nunez, Rafael Robles, Jairo Martinez, Armando Tomas Vergara P, Heminia Cifuentes P, Gustavo Zuluaga, Never Cardenas, Leonardo Avendano, Antonio Jaraba

, N° d'index: AMR 23/011/1993

The above named, nine men and a woman from Yondo, Antioquia department, are reportedly included on a list of supposed "guerrilla collaborators" currently being circulated by the Colombian armed forces to all military posts in the area. Some of those listed are municipal officials and some are members of the legal left-wing opposition party Union Patriotica (UP). None has been detained or charged with any offence. There is concern that they could be "disappeared" or killed by the security forces. According to reports, at least 30 members of the UP were killed in 1992.

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