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UA 34/93 - Colombia: death threats / fear for safety: Saul Pico Gomez, Humberto Geovo Almanza

, N° d'index: AMR 23/010/1993

Saul Pico Gomez and Humberto Geovo Almanza, mayor and ombudsman respectively of San Vicente de Chucuri, Santander department, have been reportedly harassed and threatened with death by paramilitaries under the command of the armed forces. Since November 1992 Mayor Saul Pico has been constantly harrassed; two of his assistants were reportedly killed in recent weeks. A sufragio (invitation to his own funeral mass) arrived at the office of Humberto Geovo on 28 January 1993, threatening him with death if he did not resign his post. As ombudsman he has a human rights monitoring role. The men have not been able to get clear guarantees of their safety from the authorities. The army has been conducting a series of joint operations with paramilitaries against insurgents in the area.

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