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UA 31/93 - Colombia: possible extrajudicial execution / fear for safety: Ramiro Ramos Ramos, Victor Garces and inhabitants of Pueblo Bello

, N° d'index: AMR 23/009/1993

Ramiro Ramos Ramos and Victor Garces were killed on or shortly after 3 February 1993 in circumstances suggesting extrajudicial execution. They left the town of Pueblo Bello, Antioquia department at 8.30pm on 3 February to return to the "Brasilia" farm where they worked. They never arrived. An army patrol arrived at another local farm, Finca Santa Helena, at 4.20pm on 4 February, apparently firing weapons and wanting to search for guerrillas; they left when the patrol commander recognized the son of the farm owner. The next day, the graves of the two dead men were found. The son of the owner of Finca Santa Helena intends to testify about the incident. There is serious concern for his safety: his father was one of 43 men "disappeared" by paramilitaries in January 1990.

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