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UA 22/93 - Colombia: fear of "disappearance" / torture: Ramon Villegas, Gustavo Coronel, Luis Alfonso Ascanio, Wilson Quintero

, N° d'index: AMR 23/004/1993

The four men named above have not been seen since their detention by members of the armed forces on 12 January 1993 in San Jose del Tarra, Hacari, Norte de Santander department. The security forces have denied their detention. They were apparently detained along with several other people by members of the Mobile Brigade no. 2, which has been conducting counter-insurgency operation in the area. Most of those detained were released several hours later but reported being tortured in detention and threatened with death if they refused to collaborate with the soldiers by informing them of the whereabouts of guerrillas. Concern for the four men's safety has grown following press reports of the killing of four guerrillas by the Mobile Brigade no. 2.

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