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UA 320/92 - Chile: possible extrajudicial execution / ill-treatment: Pedro Ortiz Montenegro, Mauricio Gomez Lira, Jose Miguel Martinez, Pablo Munoz Hoffman, Patricio Ortiz Montenegro

, N° d'index: AMR 22/014/1992

AI is concerned about the reported killing of at least one political prisoner and the serious ill-treatment of two others during an escape attempt by eight prisoners from the Preventive Detention Centre of Southern Santiago on 10 October 1992. Two others were killed in as yet unclear circumstances. Three prisoners escaped. Pablo Munoz Hoffman, reportedly unarmed, was recaptured and, according to witnesses, severely beaten by prison guards and allegedly shot twice during his transfer to prison. He and the other injured prisoner, Patricio Ortiz Montenegro, were treated in a medical centre before being transferred to prison hospital. Both are said to bear signs of beatings and bullet wounds. Lawyers were able to see the injured men for the first time on 13 October.

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