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UA 414/92 - Brazil: possible extrajudicial execution / fear for physical safety: Carlos Henrique Moreira, Carlos Andre dos Santos, Antonio Carlos de Oliveira, Alexandre Silva Neves, Carlos Henrique de Souza Santos, Marcio Pacheco de Oliveira, Valdeci Rodr

, N° d'index: AMR 19/034/1992

The first six of those named above were killed on 20 December 1992 in Rio de Janeiro; Valdeci Rodrigues was wounded in the incident. AI is concerned for his physical safety. The incident occurred when the above-named youths were playing in the early hours of 20 December in a Shanty town in Sampaio, Rio de Janeiro. A group of armed men surrounded them and forced them to lie down. They shot dead five of them; Marcio Pacheco de Oliveira died later in hospital. Witnesses alleged that the killers wore military police uniforms.

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