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Brazil: Fear for safety / possible extrajudicial executions

, N° d'index: AMR 19/029/1996

Gilvam Alves da Silva, Manuel Moraes de Souza, Sebastiao, Valerio and 200 squatter peasant families on the Sao Francisco estate: There is a deep concern for the safety of Gilvam Alves da Silva and some 200 squatter peasant families (posseiros) camped on the mentioned estate, following the abduction and shooting of the people above mentioned by eight armed gunmen on 20 August 1996. Manuel Moraes de Souza, Sebastiao and Valerio were apparently killed, Gilvam Alves da Silva, pretended to be dead and survived. Some 200 hundred familes have reportedly been squatting on the Sao Francisco estate for almost a year

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