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UA 123/93 - Brazil: fear for physical safety: Pedro Horacio Caballero, Maria Cecilia Garcez Leme, Ademir Silveira dos Santos, Moises Silva do Nascimento

, N° d'index: AMR 19/015/1993

Ademir Silveira dos Santos and Moises Silva do Nascimento, two street children aged 12, were reportedly beaten up by members of the military police on 13 April 1993 at Praca da Se, Sao Paulo. Pedro Horacio Caballero, a priest and Maria Cecilia Garcez Leme, a nun, witnessed the beatings and have been threatened by the military police. Father Pedro Horacio Caballero reportedly tried to intervene to stop the beating of Moises Silva do Nascimento and was himself ill-treated; Ademir Silveira dos Santos was beaten when he tried to seek the assistance of Sister Maria Cecilia Garcez Leme. Two other street educators who arrived on the scene and witnessed the beatings were also threatened. An inquiry into the incident has been opened by the state and civil police authorities.

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