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UA 78/93 - Brazil: possible extrajudicial execution: Renildo Jose dos Santos

, N° d'index: AMR 19/007/1993

Renildo Jose dos Santos, a homosexual local councillor from Coqueiro Seco, Alagoas state, was violently abducted on 14 March 1993 by heavily armed men. Witnesses to the abduction claim that some of the men were plainclothes police officers. His head was found the next day, apparently bearing marks of torture; the rest of his body was found two days later. He had reportedly been receiving death threats since 1989 from the local mayor and the mayor's father. A police officer had also apparently made and attempt on his life. Although he denounced the threats, no steps were reportedly taken to ensure his safety. AI is concerned that he may have been abducted and killed because of his homosexuality.

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