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Brazil: Human rights violations against indigenous people: Ticuna four years on: follow-up information

, N° d'index: AMR 19/007/1992

This paper notes AI's serious concern that, four years after the killing of 14 Ticuna people and the wounding of 23 others, those reponsible have not yet been brought to justice. AI fears that this delay may help to create a climate of impunity conducive to further attacks on indigenous people. The killings took place on 28 March 1988 at Boca do Capacete, Benjamin Constant, Amazonas State: approximately 100 men, women and children from the Ticuna community were attacked by a group of armed men (civilizados, or non-indigenous locals). The names of the dead are given in this report. Judicial proceedings in the local court have had lengthy delays; the Brazilian Bar Association of Amazonas State's request for the case to be transferred to the state capital has been rejected.

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