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UA 80/94 - Brazil: legal/medical concern / fear for safety: Jose Teixeira Castilho ("Ze de Fejao")

, N° d'index: AMR 19/006/1994

There is concern for the health of rural trade unionist Jose Teixeira Castilho, known as Ze de Feijao, who has been held in police custody at Maraba, state of Para, for 20 days without charge. He suffers from Hansen's disease (leprosy) and has reportedly been deprived access to his daily medication. He is a director of the Rural Workers Trade Union of Eldorado do Carajas, and has received death threats and attempts on his life in connection with his trade union activities. On 10 February 1994 he was detained without a warrant and held in "temporary imprisonment" for five days. This was extended in unclear circumstances. His lawyers have been refused access to information about the case against him, and have presented a habeas corpus petition before the Para State Appeals Court.

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