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Brazil: "disappearance": Alexander Santos Cunha, Jose Francisco do Rosario Filho

, N° d'index: AMR 19/005/1995

Alexander Santos Cunha, aged 19, and Jose Francisco do Rosario Filho, aged 32, were last seen on 11 March 1995 in a public square in Miguel Couto, Municipality of Belfour Roxo, Baixada Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro. They were reportedly detained by uniformed members of the military police. Relatives of the two men have been unable to find out anything about their fate. A rise in the activity of "death squads" and of abductions and "disappearances" has been recorded in Baixada Fluminense since May 1994. AI is concerned for the physical safety of Alexander Santos Cunha and Jose Francisco do Rosario Filho.

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