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Brazil: ill-treatment / fear for safety: Adao Soares, Joao Andre and other members of the Macuxi indigenous community

, N° d'index: AMR 19/001/1995

AI is concerned for the safety of the Macuxi indigenous community as tensions between them and Roraima state military police rise over the Macuxi's protest at the building of a bydroelectric dam which may affect their land. Members of the state military police and the army are reported to have expelled some 400 Macuxi from their Tamandua livestock holding area on 7 January 1995. Women, children and old people were among those expelled. Nine Indians were reportedly beaten and kicked and Adao Soares and Joao Andre were reportedly detained in handcuffs for several hours. When some 170 Macuxi tried to reclaim the land on 14 January, they were violently prevented from doing so. The military police have now constructed a blockade to prevent the Macuxi returning to the area. There are serious fears of violence ensuing between Macuxi and the military police.

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