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Further information on UA 433/93 (AMR 19/37/93, 15 December) - Brazil: fear for safety / intimidation: street educators: Jonas Beltrao de Oliveira, Jonathan Luke Hannay, Maria Cecilia Garcez Leme, Maria Ines Rondello and several street children in Sao Pau

, N° d'index: AMR 19/001/1994

AI is concerned about further violence against street children in the Praca da Se by members of the military police over the Christmas period. On 25 December Military police reportedly beat two adolescents after they had been apprehended trying to assault a passer-by. In the ensuing confrontation police allegedly fired live ammunition at street children and a number of boys were beaten. On 26 December a policeman beat a girl whom he reportedly overheard calling him drunk: the incident developed into a confrontation between street children and police, who beat the children.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AMR 19/01/94
Distr: UA/SC
10 January 1994
Further information on UA 433/93 (AMR 19/37/93, 15 December 1993) - Fear for
safety / intimidation
BRAZIL: Street educators: Jonas BELTRãO de Oliveira
Jonathan Luke HANNAY
Maria Cecília GARCEZ LEME (nun)
and several street children in the Praça da Sé, São Paulo
Amnesty International has learnt of further incidents of violence against street
children in the Praça da by members of the military police over the Christmas
In the very early morning of Christmas Day, four military policemen are reported
to have beaten two adolescents after they had been apprehended trying to assault
a passer-by. When a street educator named Júlio César Fernandes Lira tried
to intervene he was pushed away by the police. In response two or three other
street children started throwing stones at the police car. Four policemen
then allegedly started firing live ammunition in the direction of a larger
group of some 35 street children. The group of children, including pregnant
girls and adolescent mothers with their babies, reportedly ran in panic to
escape the shots. A number of boys were allegedly beaten by police as they
tried to take refuge in the Pastoral do Manor's night shelter. The violence
stopped when other street educators arrived and negotiated with the police.
On 26 December, a further incident occurred when a policeman started beating
a girl whom he had reportedly overheard calling him drunk. As other children
tried to persuade the policeman to stop, other military police arrived and
started beating the group. Police allegedly destroyed the produce of a street
vendor who tried to intervene on the children's behalf. While beating the
children, police allegedly shouted "Call TV Globo, call the Pastoral do Manor!
Report us!"
The street educator Maria Cecília Garcez Leme took three street children to
the Military Police Command to report the violence. Their statements were
taken by a police sergeant, whom she alleged was the officer who beat the street
educator Father Pedro Horácio Caballero in the Praça da Sé in April 1993 (UA
123/93, AMR 19/15/93, 21 April 1993). The Military Police Commander reportedly
told Sister Cecília that he knew that an armed group had been formed to attack
street children and street educators in the Praça da Sé, but that the military
police could do nothing when this occurred.
In response to appeals sent in connection with this Urgent Action and UA 123/93
the International Secretariat has received a number of Christmas cards drawn
by street children who visit the Pastoral do Manor night shelter near the Praça
da Sé in São Paulo. The message inside, written by Maria Cecília Garcez Leme
for the Pastoral do Manor team, reads:
"The street girls and boys of São Paulo thank you for the support and solidarity
they have received in the violent situations they have passed through and
continue to live. With happiness, they send you their wishes for a Happy
Christmas and express their dream that 1994 will bring more peace, health,
hope, housing, schools, food, justice and LIFE".
In an accompanying letter Maria Inês Rondello writes:
"We ask you to transmit to all those who have sent Christmas cards, our thanks
for the sensitivity demonstrated throughout the year for our girls and boys
and in the case of Father Pedro Horácio Caballero (UA 123/93) and Maria Cecília
Garcez Leme. We take this opportunity to inform you that Father Pedro is
currently in Luanda, Angola, and that his case had not been resolved. Jonas
suffered a cranial fracture and perforated ear drum. He is having absolute
rest in the countryside to recover. Jonathan is alright, although set back
by the events".
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/faxes and airmail letters
either in Portuguese, English or your own language:
- Expressing concern at continued reported incidents of violence by members
of the military police against street children and adolescents in the Praça
da Sé, São Paulo, including information that street children were beaten and
fired at on Christmas Day.
- Seeking a full inquiry into the conduct of military police officers on duty
in the Praça da Sé area in relation to street children and street educators,
and urging that those found responsible for abuses be punished. - Urging that
steps be taken to ensure that policing of the area conforms to international
standards of law enforcement, respect for the dignity of all individuals and
access to the protection of the law for all.
1) State Secretary of Public Security
Sr Secretário de Segurança Pública
Dr Michel Temer
Av Higinenopolis no 758
01238 São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Telegrams: Secretario Segurança Publica, São Paulo, Brasil
Salutation: Sr. Secretário/ Dear Mr Secretary
2) State Governor
Exmo Sr Governador do Estado de São Paulo
Sr Luiz Antônio Fleury Filho
Palácio dos Bandeirantes
Av Morumbi s/n
05.598 São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Telegrams : Sr Governador São Paulo, Brazil
Faxes : + 55 11 8439271
Saluation : Vossa Excelência/ Your Excellency
3) Minister of Justice
Exmo Sr Ministro da Justiça
Sr Mauricio Corrêa
Ministério Da Justiça
Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco 23
70.064 Brasília DF, Brazil
Telegrams: Ministerio da Justiça, Brasilia, Brazil
Salutation : Vossa Excelência/ Your Excellency
Pastoral do Manor, Praça da Sé 184, 10 andar, 01001 São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Folha da Tarde, Al Barão de Limeira 425, 01202 São Paulo,SP, Brazil
and to diplomatic representatives of BRAZIL accredited to your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 18th February 1994.

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