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Bolivia: Further information on fear for safety: Evo Morales, Nestor Bravo, Flores Vargas Victor, Marca Lamas Felipe and at least 50 other union or community leaders

, N° d'index: AMR 18/006/1995

There are serious fears for the safety of between 50 and 60 community and union leaders who were arrested in the Department of Cochabamba on 14 July 1995. They are reportedly being held incommunicado at remote locations in the country. The exact number of detainees is unclear. The majority of those arrested appear to have been protesting against the forced eradication of coca crops. The arrests took place three days before the state of siege in force in Bolivia was due to expire; on 18 July it was extended for another 90 days. Fears for the safety of those detained have been heightened by reports of violence and ill-treatment of civilians during anti-narcotic operations.

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