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Bahamas: flogging: Leavon Williamson, Melvin Saunders

, N° d'index: AMR 14/008/1995

Leavon Williamson and Melvin Saunders have been sentenced to be flogged in the Bahamas. Part of Leavon Williamson's sentence is reported already to have been carried out.. He was convicted of the rape and armed robbery of a woman and is the first person to receive a flogging sentence since flogging was reinstated into law in the Bahamas in 1991. He also received a 25-year sentence. Melvin Saunders was convicted of the rape, assault and armed robbery of two American women tourists. He has received a flogging sentence in addition to a 25-year prison sentence. AI is opposed to the infliction of corporal punishment on prisoners and is urging the authorities not to carry out any more floggings.

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