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Argentina: Further information on death in custody / death threats and new concern: fear for safety: Diego Rodriguez Laguens, Dr Federico Alfredo Huber (note corrected spelling), Mabel Cristina Laguens de Rodriguez, Felipe Rodriguez Laguens

, N° d'index: AMR 13/005/1995

The oral public proceedings of the trial concerning the killing of Diego Rodriguez Laguens are scheduled to start on 31 October 1995 in Jujuy. Twelve members of the Jujuy police unit and two civilians will be tried on charges ranging from illegal detention, homicide, theft and failure to uphold public duties, concealment and false statement. AI continues to fear for the safety of relatives of the victim, the family's lawyer, the forensic expert and the main witnesses. AI is also concerned that the impartiality and independence of the court should be guaranteed at all times and that lawyers and witnesses should be able to perform their role without fear or intimidation.

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