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Americas: Settle the past, safeguard the future: A challenge to the European Union and to Governments in Latin America and the Caribbean to promote and protect Human Rights in an evolving partnership

, N° d'index: AMR 01/001/2002

Amnesty International is presenting this Memorandum to the European Union-Latin America and Caribbean Summit, which is taking place in Madrid on 17-18 May 2002. In particular, Amnesty International is drawing attention to the continuing impunity in the region and the threats to human rights safeguards as security and "anti-terrorism" legislation dominate the international agenda. The Memorandum includes references to the ongoing torture and ill-treatment which persists throughout the region; it highlights the growing risks that are being run by human rights defenders in their efforts to promote and defend human rights and carry out their legitimate work; and the human rights and humanitarian crisis in Colombia, is given special mention.

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