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UA 293/93 - Zaire: fear of torture: 20 people, including: Tabura Kabuga, Musabimana, Nzabomimana, Ndambara, Kabunga, Ndayambaje, Kasuka, Muhozi, Kacuku wa Ngeyo

, N° d'index: AFR 62/013/1993

On or around 13 August 1993 the above named people, and possibly as many as ten others, were arrested by members of the security forces in Goma, North- Kivu region. Soon after their arrest they were reportedly transferred to Kinshasa, and their exact place of detention is unknown. There are fears they may be subjected to ill-treatment and even "disappearance" in custody. Conditions in most Zairean prisons are very harsh. Those arrested are people of ethnic Rwandan origin, Hutu and Tutsi, locally collectively known as Banyarwanda. Their arrests took place in the wake of mass killings of Banyarwanda by members of Hunde and Nyanga ethnic groups in North-Kivu region.

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