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Zaire: Further information on arbitrary detention / fear of ill-treatment: Batabiha Bushoki, Prosper Kakoy, Maitre Live Rive Paluku

, N° d'index: AFR 62/010/1995

Batabiha Bushoki was released on 29 November following local and international protests at his detention.

EXTERNAL AI Index: AFR 62/10/95
4 December 1995
Further information on EXTRA 150/95 (AFR 62/09/95, 27 November 1995) - Arbitrary
detention / Fear of ill-treatment
ZAIRE Batabiha BUSHOKI, secretary general of a Zairean non-
governmental organization
Prosper KAKOY
Maître Live Rive PALUKU
Batabiha Bushoki was released on 29 November 1995, following local and
international protests at his detention. Although the order for his release
was reportedly given on 25 November, Batabiha Bushoki was detained for a further
five days before being released. During this time he was reportedly transferred
from a military camp run by the Service d'action et de renseignements militaires
(SARM), Military Action and Intelligence Service, to a detention centre run
by the Service national d'intelligence et de protection (SNIP), National
Intelligence and Protection Service.
On 25 November the local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Goma are
reported to have called for a ville morte day (a "dead city" day of protest
in which people are asked to close their businesses and stay at home) during
which Balumi Hangi, a money changer, was reportedly arrested and held in custody
for handing out leaflets calling for the ville morte. The military also shut
down Radio Star (a local independent radio station) after they had read out
a communique calling for the ville morte. Amnesty International is currently
investigating the arrest of Balumi Hangi.
For the present time no further action is required on this case. Thank you
to all those who sent appeals on behalf of Batabiha Bushoki,
Prosper Kakoy and Maître Live Rive Paluku.

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