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Zaire: Medical concern: Ill-treatment of prisoners in Lubumbashi

, N° d'index: AFR 62/001/1995

AI has recently received information on a number of prisoners badly injured following their arrest in Lubumbashi, south-east Zaire. Two 32-year-old detainees, Odia Kabongo and Disashi Mwinpata, arrested on 9 and 10 December 1994 respectively, were reportedly beaten with an iron bar when taken into detention. Both suffered fractured bones as result. Two other detainees, Assani Dijeba and Shabani Saiti, suffered fractured tibias after being shot in the left leg. Another detainee, Kalambay Ngoie, suffered bayonet wounds to his genitals and right flank and was shot in the leg at close range. AI is concerned that they are likely to be without medical attention. Prison conditions in Zaire are known to be extremely harsh.

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