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UA 298/93 - Togo: death in detention / fear of torture: Edoh Komi Sewoul, Daniel Olando, Gnato Toyi, Toussaint Agnankra, Kassegne Assogba, Sylvain (known as "Operator"), Lasso, Koudjo Senade, Nougloze Yovo, Okoudji Amedome, Emmanuel Akakpo, Anani Akakpo,

, N° d'index: AFR 57/011/1993

The 15 people named above are among at least 19 people who are reported to have died in custody following their arrest on 26 August 1993. The authorities announced that they had died after being poisoned by members of their own party, a version strongly denied by other sources, alleging that the prisoners died of injuries sustained at the time of their arrest, or of asphyxiation when some 40 prisoners were placed in a very small cell. Over 40 people from Agbandi and the neighbouring village of Diguine were arrested by security forces on 26 August following violent incidents in Agbandi during polling for the presidential election on 25 August. There is concern for at least 20 other prisoners arrested who are now believed to be detained in Kara.

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